Retos del Contact Center actualmente

Contact Centers are complex decision-making and transformation environments which bring the main features of the concept Big Data: Volume, amount of data managed, speed of generation, with multi-channel collection and variety in the type of data, structured or unstructured. It is also a communication channel for the company regarding the market, products, services, brand image and differentiation. All this makes the Contact Center a strategic asset within the organization for its ability to generate business and brand, in addition to the customer intelligence it manages.

We can see interesting features between larger, more mature markets such as the Anglo Saxon and Spanish markets, impacted in a major way by the economic situation. Investment in operational efficiency to improve customer satisfaction, with a focus on improving mainly retention processes and relationships with customers is a major challenge in the UK market. In Spain, the goal is cost savings without penalizing the quality of service, a complex task without the application of innovation management models and technology.

The customer is another important challenge. It seems obvious, but we have lived a long time with our backs to them, passing on products and services in one direction through some type internal inefficiency. Now the choice of customer interaction channels and conversational ability give us a knowledge that is not always managed. We don’t always exploit the intelligence obtained about the customer from the Contact Center. The client is ever more demanding. Learn and share experiences that can positively or negatively affect the brand image. The unified view of the various channels, integrated management of the interactions is a major challenge, not only due to the emergence of social networking, but the ability to grow with mobile applications and the ad hoc use of this channel, for example. In the end, we all see a single brand image, regardless of whether phone for information or want to see a bill on the internet. The management of the different interactions that occur in the different channels is complex, clearly seeing a trend in the development of lower cost channels such as internet and self-service as a way more in line with current and future customers.